A hidden gem incidentally located off Industrial Park in Winston Salem, NC is home for a construction company that’s making a huge impact on the environment, American landscape and the community.  North State Environmental is a premier stream restoration company preserving North America’s streams, wetlands and waterways. Today, North State Environmental has successfully been in business for 25 years. 

 “It all started with a love for the outdoors, nature and a desire to make a difference in the streams and wetlands of America” says Darrell Westmoreland, CEO of North State Environmental. Darrell, a N.C. State University graduate with a Bachelor’s in Agricultural and Biological Engineering and his wife Stephanie, a UNC Greensboro graduate with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration established North State Environmental on September 22, 1994. They strongly believed in taking care of the land and excelled in knowing how to properly do erosion control and stormwater management. Determined to do their part and make a difference in the community, they humbly started their company from the basement of their home with a $5,000 bank loan before expansion.  Darrell chuckles as he fondly remembers using the farmhouse adjacent to their home as the foundation for North State. The farmhouse was the headquarters, the physical structure for him to look at daily to keep tunnel vision as he built the business. At that time, he only had one truck, no employees and one set of tools. Yet in still, Darrell and Stephanie valued family, desired to give their 2 boys a legacy and loved to care for the land and environment. They took their visions and passions to the ultimate high by innovating a company nationally recognized for restoring the natural beauty of water in urban and rural settings. Today, North State Environmental takes pride in being an $18 million-dollar annual avenue business build on family with a true understanding of how important humble beginnings are. When asked if he would do it all again or change anything, Darrell quickly says “In business, there’s forever something new to learn and adjust to, but having patience always pays off. It’s good to have a deep understanding of your industry and listen to what your clients want, they will tell you. Most importantly, the essential aspects of a successful business are quality and education and continuing to build long lasting relationships with business partners and your community.”