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Our Mission is to restore North America’s aquatic resources with a commitment to excellence in environmental construction.

Since 1994, North State Environmental has grown and expanded to be a nationwide presence in the field of stream restoration because we love what we do, and we do it right! Darrell and Stephanie have always had a love of the outdoors, and take great pride in developing a company that is a driving force in restoring natural beauty in urban and rural settings. One of the primary secrets to the success of North State Environmental is the ability understand what designers and owners want, as well as understanding the real complexity of river and habitat needs. By knowing both where the owner wants to go, and the best way to get there, we are able to excel at getting quality results at a macro level!!

North State Environmental is a specialized environmental contractor committed to providing quality stream, wetlands and marine restoration for public and private sector entities. Since 1994 we have restored over 1 million feet of river and streams and over 1000 acres of wetlands throughout North America.

North State Environmental is one of the most experienced and prestigious environmental and stream restoration contractors in the United States.

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North State Environmental Divisions

Atlantic Reef Maker

Because of increasing damage caused by both the natural and developmental impacts to our fragile estuarine and coastal ecosystems, North State Environmental created a division specializing in shoreline protection that extends North State’s important inland restoration work to the coast. Utilizing innovative and patented processes, our artificial reefs are assisting not only in curbing shoreline erosion, but also in restoring critical marine habitats.

Visit: www.atlanticreefmaker.com

Heavy Civil Division

North State Environmental’ s civil and roadway division was originated from a passion by Darrell and Stephanie Westmoreland to develop a quality, high level construction company with a division that focuses on infrastructure implementation.

Visit: www.nsecivil.com