A big part of preserving water to protect the environment and the land is giving back to the community. A few may ask, how so? Darrell recalls growing up and spending time on his grandfather’s farm learning most of the gems he knows today. That involved getting to know your neighbors, others in the community and always finding ways to give back or help someone else. He considers that to be one driving force for North State Environmental. It makes Darrell & Stephanie proud to have a team who believes in this and looks for ways to help someone. Recently, North State Environmental had the opportunity to partner with ROC Solid Foundation and make someone’s dream come true.

ROC Solid Foundation is a nonprofit that builds hope for every child and family fighting pediatric cancer. A few of their values that we love are:

  1. Always start and end with “why”
  2. Families first
  3. Respect simplicity
  4. Focus on the people, and the money will come

They have a unique hashtag that touches your heart #whathopelookslike. Their core values and mission remind us that the first right taken from a child once diagnosed with cancer is the freedom to play. North State Environmental couldn’t have been happier to partner with them, thanks to Project Business Manager, Brandon Spaugh.

North State Environmental gathered as a team to meet a little boy name Dillon who will always be special to us. Dillon is 7 years old and has been battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He has an older brother that he looks up to named, DW and the North State Environmental family had the chance of a lifetime to meet at his home to build a playset in his backyard for him. The event was led by Kara, one of ROC Solid Foundation’s Facilitator and Unique, Team Lead in Playset Builds. We shared “our why” we showed up to be present in participating in this touching event. The reasons ranged from cancer survivors, a family of people battling cancer and others just wanted to help. The spirit and morale that day were upbeat; we sent Dillon, DW and their parents off in a limousine to enjoy breakfast at Crackel Barrel, then afterward to enjoy a shopping spree at Walmart. While they were gone, we built and constructed the perfect playset right in Dillon’s backyard all within 4 hours! Talk about teamwork!

We’ll never forget the look on Dillon’s face when he returned to find out he had a new playset that was all his to play in as he continues his fight with cancer. Emotions were on high as we left him personalized messages on his playset, encouraging him to keep fighting, he was now our Superman! We engaged with his family, had lunch together then parted ways to give them time to enjoy his playset. North State Environmental learned a lot that day, but most importantly we learned the greatest human act is to inspire. We inspired Dillon to keep going, and we’ll be right by his side as he continues to give this battle with cancer everything he got!