As you read that title; what exactly went through your mind? Wipe the slate clean, no opinions or judgments; is this something you’d appreciate hearing from an employer? At North State Environmental we pride ourselves in doing the very best we can to offer our employees a meaningful position, competitive salary, incentive and wellness programs, etc. We know what it means to strike balance in personal/work life and for us to work hard at retaining our employees for the long-term. What are some of the added benefits of working with North State Environmental?

We promote a positive company culture environment that’s centered around focusing on individual recognition, teamwork, and company goals. Some examples of this would be celebrating employee birthdays, work anniversaries and recognizing employee performance.

North State Environmental offers a competitive salary with weekly pay to help our employees handle the never-ending demands of a personal life while caring for themselves, their families and the community.

Implementing incentive programs such as: “Bring Your Dog to Work Days” to show how much we love our North State Environmental dogs. We may even have a treat for them! We also have “NSE Gives Back to the Community” where we support the community through various events to give back and it also serves as an opportunity for strengthening team building.

We’ve adopted a “Continuing Education Program” for those who’re interested in completely being equipped and confident in their abilities to perform the function of their jobs. There is an opportunity to participate in industry-specific certifications for those with in-depth knowledge on how to be industry leaders in the environmental construction field. 

We also offer Wellness Programs to support healthy living such as specific dates determined by what’s best for the business and employees for flu shots and other programs throughout the year. 

If this sounds like a fit for you, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to contact our Human Resources Department for further information on our job postings or to discuss your application. Call: 336-725-2010