As humans, we have a perplexing tendency to fear what may be less harmful and visible to the human eye such as spiders, snakes and small open spaces. Let’s be honest, many of us will go the opposite direction to avoid the eight legs insects with the ability to crawl or jump faster than you can get away them or run from the slithering creatures that hiss at you and normally see you before you can see them. Still, somehow, we tend to ignore the more harmful such as the major effects of rising floods in our state as climate changes make rainstorms more intense resulting in a soaring high number of terribly constructed dams. North Carolina holds the title of

The country’s 2nd state with the largest collection of dams in poor or unsatisfactory condition built in places where a failure could kill people. What exactly does this mean?
High hazard means someone could die if the dams fail, however it also means a single home or a community of thousands would be affected if the dams are left neglected. Still, the question may be; isn’t mother nature, the intensity of storms and climate changes things we as humans cannot naturally control? Yes, we may have some superpowers as humans, but these things fall outside of our hands. What are some factors that lead to this situation with dams? Then, what exactly can we do about it? Educate, educate, educate is the answer! We can start by finding out some of the reasons why these conditions exist with dams such as in some cases it’s hard for the public to know the scope of how dangerous a dam is. Another reason would be sometimes, some dam owners don’t file emergency action plans with the state. Although the
the intensity of storms with climate changes may push dams beyond what they were designed to
do, there are some measures we can take to be aware of.
For one, NC State Officials have stepped up and increased its’ dam safety budget program by two thirds and now has a team of 20 full-time staff positions with a dam safety office that regulates more than 3,100 dams. Another is, as residents heed cited security concerns released to the public on dams and refrain from visiting or traveling near it. Get to know your local
community leaders in that industry such as North State Environmental who can readily assist by
offering stellar turnkey service with a few solutions such as:
1. Removing any dam regardless of size and complexity
2. Replacing it with necessary revetments to maintain a good proposed grade control
3. To re-establish the river’s natural pattern, profile, and dimension
4. North State Environmental 25th Anniversary Recap when you work hard, you look forward to when it’s time to let your hair down! That exactly what we did the weekend of September 20th as we started celebrating our 25th