OUR projects


Our focus is to restore North America’s streams, wetlands, and waterways the right way with a commitment to excellence in environmental construction.

Boulder Creek

The North State Environmental team completed a design-build collaboration with Five. Smooth Stones for the South Boulder Creek watershed project

Linville River-Crossnore

NSE and Jennings Environmental joined efforts to complete the Linville River Project in 2019.

Stewart River

NSE was contracted by Lake County Conservation District to implement the Stewart River Restoration Project.

Brewbaker Sorenson

The North State Environmental design-build team partnered with Boulder County Parks and Open Space to implement an alternate approach to the Brewbaker Sorenson Riparian Restoration project.

Lower Dempsey

North State Environmental was contracted by Ecosystem Investment Partners to complete the construction services for the Lower Dempsey Mitigation Bank.

East Fork Roaring River Restoration

NSE and Jennings Environmental completed the Stone Mountain Project as a Design/Build Partnership with Resource Institute.

Call Creek

NSE was awarded the Call Creek Project through a Design Bid Build solicitation with Resource Institue.

Encampment River-Peryam Ranch

NSE was contracted by SER Conservation District and Wyoming Trout Unlimited to complete the Peryam Ranch Project.

Encampment River-Pickett Reach

NSE was awarded the Encampment River Pickett Reach through a Design Bid Build solicitation with SER Conservation District.

Reedy Creek

North State Environmental, Inc. and Wildlands Engineering joined efforts and were awarded the Reedy Creek Design-Build Project

Peters Creek

North State Environmental, Inc. was contracted by The Outdoor Discovery Center to provide technical assistance and construction services for The Peters Creek Project.

Ryan Ranch

The Ryan Ranch Phase 1 project located in Saratoga, Wy was a bank stabilization project on the North Platte River.

Ivey Redmon-Reach 4

North State Environmental, Inc. and Jennings Environmental joined efforts and were awarded in Ivey Redmon Project as a Design-Build contract with the Town of Kernersville (landing page for Ivey Redmon)-The Ivey Redmon Project was completed in Spring 2019 by the NSE and Jennings Team. Funding was provided by a grant obtained from Clean Water Management Trust Fund