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Our Natural Habitat

Because we care, our passion for water, nature and the environment serve as “our why” in finding our niche in the restoration and preservation of American streams and wetlands. Being in the environmental construction business for 25 years has helped us to maintain our commitment to being a part of the solution to improve water quality. We’re industry leaders, positively impacting the environment by being dedicated to ecological and water restoration.

25 Years of Experience

We’re bridging the gap between owners and designers by understanding their goals and providing them with options for success.

Recognizing that clean water is the source of life, Darrell and Stephanie Westmoreland wanted to create a way to solve ongoing problems within North America’s environment. Everyday riverbanks are eroding to the point of instability and adding sediment to our waterways and estuaries. The instability and erosion of streams and rivers causes loss of riparian vegetation such as trees and shrubs. These trees and shrubs maintain stability for stream banks and provide a home for birds and wildlife while also serving as a filter from upland runoff. Darrell and Stephanie foresaw how much this affected the safety of families, the environment and our communities.

North State Environmental is the most experienced and prestigious environmental and stream restoration contractor in the united states


Stream Restoration

The number one pollution problem is stream bank erosion and stormwater runoff.

Dam Removal

Dams can present problems that dramatically alter a river’s flow regime in 3 common ways.

Wetland Restoration

We provide services to restore wetlands to its’ natural state so they can continue to provide water filtration and habitat for a large array of animals and insects..

Ecological Clearing

We perform an ecological approach to tree removal that does not remove the rootzone.


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Wetland acres restored


trees planted


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