Boulder creek restoration

Location – Boulder, Colorado
Completed – 2017

The project included implementing a new southern channel totaling 2,500 ft of channel. Project goals included improved water quality, sediment transport, fish passage, in-stream habitat, floodplain connectivity and riparian habitat. The project incorporated on-site wood for use in the meanders as “toe wood” for bank stability and aquatic habitat.  Once the new channel was beyond the point of diversion, where a new head gate was installed, a series of in-stream boulder grade control structures were installed to ensure future high-water events would maintain adequate flood plain connectivity for energy dissipation. Other in-stream structures incorporated into the stream included log j-hook with root wad, log boulder constructed riffle, and ‘A’ rock cross vane. A re-vegetation plan was developed and installed to speed up vegetation establishment.


The City of Boulder considers this project as a demonstration project from design, permitting and construction. The City has used the project to demonstrate how natural channel design can be used for flood recovery efforts while ensuring irrigation diversions security, resiliency and fish passage.


During Construction

Post Construction