Ivey Redmon-Reach 4

Location – Kernersville, NC
Completed – 2019

The driving goal of this project was to re-connect the stream channel to its floodplain. By re-connecting the stream to its floodplain, stream velocities and scouring were reduced, resulting in less sedimentation and nutrients washing downstream. The project goal was achieved by slightly lowering the floodplain and raising the profile of the stream bed. The proposed channel and floodplain for Beeson Creek were designed as a low sinuosity threshold system using long constructed riffles for grade control and oversized pools for energy dissipation. Log vanes with log sills were incorporated for flow control. Toe wood revetment were used in select meander bends where the old channel was plugged or where the channel was constructed of fill material. The proposed channel dimensions were adjusted as the valley and channel slope changes to manage channel velocities, shear stress, stream power and bed load transport rates. The new stream channel and corresponding flood plain were graded primarily off-line from the existing channel, with clay plugs and bank stabilization measures employed to prevent stream migration into the old channel. North State Environmental constructed several types of in-stream structures to provide habitat, dissipate water flow, stabilize streams and maintain the stream thalweg. These structures include constructed riffles, constructed riffles with log sills, constructed riffle with boulder cross vanes, toe wood, log j-hook with log sills, log riffles.


During Construction

Post Construction